Review Meeting 2

Review meeting 2 will be held at UiA, in Norway. This meeting will be held toward the beginning of Phase 2, to coincide with the first edition of the REACT Training School taking place at UiA.

Its goal will be to discuss the results of the activities implemented during the first year of the project and also to prepare and schedule the forthcoming activities.

The consortium members will discuss the implementation of the draft version of the Toolkit concluded. This meeting will also provide a discussion hub for the outcomes of the online working sessions previously held, as well as providing an opportunity to discuss adjustments to the Virtual Academy of Music Performance (O2) to be launched towards the end of Phase 2 of the project.

REACT Training School 1

The First REACT Training School will be from November 29th until December 11th in University of Agder in Norway. This school is an artistic research-based music performance training course.

The aim is to offer an intensive, challenging and diverse experience to higher education music students through the implementation of the Artistic Research-Based Learning (AR-BL).

Students will be introduced to artistic research, making a solid connection between their subjectivity, career development and knowledge production to develop their artistic projects.

The REACT Training School is a pedagogical learning activity promoted by a strategic partnership (REACT – Rethinking Music Performance in European Higher Education Institutions) funded by ERASMUS+.

The second School will be hosted by University of Aveiro in Portugal in April 2022.

Stakeholders Requirements Report

Stakeholders’ requirement report we present a transnational (i.e., pan-European) perspective concerning the requirements for an artistic career in music performance found in five European countries: Cyprus, Finland, Norway, Portugal, and Sweden.

The Stakeholders’ requirement report, was conceived to bring to light insights on current issues relating to the teaching and learning of music performance, professional requirements, curricular structures and assessment and how they influence teaching and learning in various European contexts and career development for performers. These insights supply a framework of reference for the curricular development and assessment of artistic outputs in European HEIs.

The final document will be available in December 2021.

Transnational meetings

The REACt project started in December 2020. Until now, two transnational meetings were carried out.

The first one (a Kick-off meeting) was hosted by Lulea University of Technology in Sweden in January 2021.

The second (Review meeting one) was in June 2021 and was hosted by the Cyprus team in University of Nicosia.

Much work done so far!