Stakeholder’s requirements report


REACT – Rethinking Music Performance in European Higher Education Institutions

Jorge Salgado Correia, Gilvano Dalagna and Clarissa Foletto (University of Aveiro)

Ioulia Papageorgi, Natassa Economidou Stavrou and Nicolas Constantinou (University of Nicosia)

Heidi Westerlund, Mieko Kanno and Guadalupe López- Íñiguez (University of the Arts Helsinki)

Stefan Östersjö and Carl Holmgren (Lulea University of Technology)

Randi Eidsaa and Tanja Orning (University of Agder)

Output 1

Artistic Career in Music: Stakeholders requirement report is a transnational (i.e., pan-European) perspective concerning the requirements for an artistic career in music performance found in five European countries: Cyprus, Finland, Norway, Portugal, and Sweden.

The Stakeholders requirement report, was conceived to bring to light insights on current issues relating to the teaching and learning of music performance, professional requirements, curricular structures and assessment and how they influence teaching and learning in various European contexts and career development for performers. These insights supply a framework of reference for the curricular development and assessment of artistic outputs in European HEIs.


December 2021

ISBN 978-972-789-725-4

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