REACT is a reaction to a current problem arising from the long-established model for teaching music performance in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs): musicians are trained for acquiring read-only skills instead of educating them to become creative professionals. HEIs are not helping musicians to meet the challenges of working life. REACT is an Strategic Partenership funded by ERASMUS+ that will mobilise a knowledge-creating international cooperative network to develop a new pedagogical model for HEIs – the Artistic Research-Based Learning (AR-BL) model, inspired by the epistemological framework proposed by the project’s leading team. The novelty of this project resides in shifting the focus from technical skills to material thinking, i.e., a specific mode of thought resulting from how ideas and works shape each other, reconfiguring the established mythopoetic configurations. The AR-BL model aims at encouraging a shift towards developing students’ creativity, proactive critical thinking and reflexive musical practice.

The main objective is to offer alternatives that will link artistic research, artistic training, personal development, and career management.

“The novelty of this project resides in shifting the focus from technical skills to material thinking”


This model will

Stimulate and exemplify the integration between different fields of artistic expression in the teaching of musical performance.

Promote a teaching/learning environment based on critical self-reflection and wider societal reflexivity beyond the existing practice;

Promote awareness that artistic productions involve knowledge production (material thinking) and exploration of means to share this knowledge academically and via practice (artistic research);

Increase articulation between HEIs and current professional requirements in the field of performance